Project Description


Vault areas, safe deposit boxes, server rooms and loading areas are being protected with security fog, blinding the criminals and preventing them from stealing or vandalising the valuables of the bank.

In customer areas and back offices where cash is handled, the security fog protects the customers and staff from being robbed and pushes the robber out the same way he came in.

The easier targets, such as computers, flat screens, designer furniture etc. have for a long time been the burglars preferred targets in banks, as the cash is locked up in safe vaults. But if you can’t see it, you can’t steal it.

ATMs are also being attacked around the world. The criminals use gas to blow them up, or they use a tractor loader to drag out the ATMs of the premises. Both types of attacks causes great damage to the building and ATM, and cost 6-digit figures before the bank is back in business.

PROTECT security fog systems has solved these problems. The fog cannon units are activated the instance a burglary or attack occurs. Within seconds dense fog will be discharged blinding the criminals and attracting attention, giving the police and guard time to arrive at the scene.

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