Project Description


Casinos no longer use cash in ‘slot machines’, so burglars now target ‘change machines.’ These can be protected by fog cannon, saving valuable assets and preventing time consuming damage.

Regional Security Manager, Ray Stribley from Gala Group says that, by installing Fog Cannons at 167 bingo halls, in a period of eight months Gala Group in England and Scotland reduced the break-in rate by an amazing 95%.

Owner of Stars & Bars Casino in Australia, Andrew Roberts, says: “I can sleep peacefully at night now and I am obviously very satisfi ed with the protection that PROTECT gives – so is my insurance company, not to forget”, concludes Andrew Roberts. “Fog protection is certainly worthwhile,” says slot machine fi tter, John Brochstedt from J.B. Service.

Kurt Nielsen from Automat Fyn nods in agreement: “After installing Fog Cannons the burglaries stop completely.” At gaming hall Guldminen in Randers, Denmark, it took a burglar just 12 seconds to realize that he could not win over the PROTECT Fog Cannon and he took to his heels. “This is proof positive that fog works,” says owner Torben Knudsen.

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